Thursday, November 28, 2013

Outward Bound: The Cocoa-Pups Go Adventuring

The pups are gaining confidence in exploring new places, (though "for some reason" they prefer to assemble in the kitchen right next to the fridge door). Still, with the balmy Fall weather, it's a good time to check out the street-side of the property, where pups can see a little traffic from passing cars,  other folks, dogs, bikes, and, if they are lucky, the occasional squirrel!
Backwoods adventure is not for the faint of heart and requires much planning and forethought to undertake.
 The pups first confirm that the Expedition Photographer is well-provisioned with chicken treats.

Wilderness Survival 101 Q&A: Do Puppies Poop In The Woods? ("Where is the litter box?!!!")
The pups get some much-needed navigational instruction.
Outward Bound!
Some members of the Expedition are concerned that weather conditions are not optimal for an assault on the summit today... 
...and some of the less intrepid even need a little hand-holding...
...or a little snuggle!
This pup scans the horizon for landmarks to triangulate her geographic position. 
 Cocoa-Kisses:  ("I hope it's not trail mix for lunch again.")
An "alarming" and potentially dangerous sound cause some concern 

(Fire truck on the next street over!), but the pups remain calm, remembering that the greatest enemies in a Wilderness survival situation are fear and panic.
"Does anyone know where we are?" Luckily, Cocoa-Kisses has an on-board GPS (Global Puppy Sniffer) and is able to identify familiar landscape features that mark their way back.
Homeward Bound! Cocoa-Bear leads the way, while Cocoa-Bella guards the rear, keeping an eye out for lions, tigers, and Uncle Cosmo. 
Blazing a trail back to Base Camp
"What do you mean you forgot the night-vision goggles?"


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