Sunday, November 3, 2013

A (Glamourous) Blessed Event

The beautiful Golden Gate Glamour Girl (aka "Chanel") graced us with an astonishingly lovely array of seven Chocolate and Café-Parchment pups.  Chanel graciously conceded to wait until daytime for the appearance of the 4 little boys and 3 girls. All stunning, even in their newborn tiny-ness!

Due to the generous size of this litter, we will be accepting two more reservations. The pups were sired by the ever-popular and debonaire "Hudson's The Topper" and are expected to mature to sizes from small-medium to solid medium (from about 28-38 lbs.). We expect the puppies to be available to go home to you from December 25-January 2. Please call for more information: 650-576-9068

Chanel knows something is going on...
Just waiting...
...and staying very close while we wait!
Chanel was proud even before the SURPRISE seventh showed up!

Still wet from their cleaning by dedicated mama, the pups know instinctively what to do!

Seconds on vanilla ice cream for Chanel=More needed calcium and a sugary pick-me-up too!

Nothing more glamourous than some Jazz -Age Babies!:  "Charleston", "Gatsby", "Jazz", "Jelly Roll", "Gold-digger", "Moonshine", and "Dollface"


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