Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Royal Manners

As might be expected with such well-bred Blue-bloods, Whitney's puppies exhibited elegant table manners even at their very first encounter with "food". With very little mess at all, these pups dispatched with their eggnog of goats milk, yogurt, egg yolks, and a few other nutrients in just a matter of minutes...
The pups share their sire Topper's epicurean enthusiasm
"Please, Sir, could I have some MORE?"

Definitely still looking for Mom for a top-up
Others are so stuffed that they can't move!

Someone is trying to get lucky with Auntie Bibi, who has come in to see if there are leftovers! 
Only one thing left to do after a big meal...
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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Royal Adventure!

A sunny and warm morning provided an opportunity for Whitney's pups to venture outside for the first time...
"Wake up!  The world looks different today..."
We make sure that new experiences are provided to the puppies carefully and selectively...
...and seeing The Great Outdoors for the first time can make even the bravest of puppies a little uncertain.

Part of good socialization is making sure that the puppies are exposed to the busy life of a family home at the appropriate stages.
We make sure that the babies have a lot of reassurance.
Exposure to many different people is important for the socialization process, and the Guardian families of our potential breeding puppies are great experienced puppy handlers.

Like human babies, young pups have a short attention span before they can be overwhelmed.
So they need lots of love and encouragement!

"All that sunshine and fresh air makes us sleepy."

"Chanel", one of  our future Golden Gate Labradoodles breeding dogs, waits patiently for her family to stop paying all that attention to those silly babies and to play with her. 
Chanel teaching Bibi's pup "Molly" proper dog introduction etiquette.
 "Poppy" and  "Fozzie" join in on the doodle romping
"Bye!  Check back with us soon!"
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The Longest Week...

Puppies don't realize what fun is waiting for them in their "Forever Homes", but Bibi's pups are spending more time on their own or one-on-one with us, as they get used to being away from their brothers and sisters. The wait is much harder for families who are excited to welcome their new puppy home in only a few days. Their families have already given them names, which we are using so that the puppies become accustomed to hearing the word.   

"Chewbacca aka 'Chewy'"



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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Audience with "The Royals"

Whitney and Toppers' princelings and princesses graciously condescended to a brief photo shoot with the Royal Photographer prior to their morning engagements (sleeping and nursing...!)

Wills, Kate, & "Baby Bump"

Harry and an unidentified female companion

Ambitious Pippa practices the "royal wave"
Have the Pup-parazzi gone yet?

The Affairs of State can be a heavy burden...
A profile of noble distinction!

"Who let those Corgis in?"

Practicing our regal bearing

Lady-in-Waiting "Auntie" Bibi assists whenever possible
"It is so difficult to find good help these days."
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