Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chelsea and Rusty's New Pups

Chelsea has taken up the baton from her amazing mama Stella, who has now retired. A hard act to follow, but with Chelsea's sweet, affectionate and willing-to-please temperament, we have high expectations for her little ones!

"Expecting" her first litter at any time now an still with a lovely smile on her face!
The ever-faithful "Labra-doula" is on call in case she needs to lend a paw
"Sorry, I can't go out right now...I might be needed!"
The beautiful pups are born at night--from about 8 PM- 3 AM!
Chelsea is a natural mama
A wedge of cheese makes a great half-way pick-me-up!
Eight big pups--5 girls and 3 boys
Devoted mama

California "Mountain High" :  "Lassen", "El Capitan", "Tioga", "Whitney", "Sierra", "Shasta", "Wawona", & "Sequoia". Welcome to the world, little ones.