Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CocoaPups Sleep The Day Away...

Only 10 days old, and the CocoaPups are getting so fat. Eat and Sleep. And wait for their little Mama to agree to yet another feeding!

The puppies snuggle up in their furry sleep-sack!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hallow-oodles on Parade!

The Amazing Charlie as his his full Samurai alter-ego
(Excuse me Charlie, but your Katana is showing!)
Bibi and Apollo (aka "Roscoe")

Lola always attracts birds-of-a-feather!

Be careful who you party with on Halloween!
Little "Rachel" (last of the "Heroes" litter from Topper and Lily) is searching high and low for her "Forever Family"

"But I really liked the look of that one!"
The original "Amazadoodle" and the Doodle Whisperer! The real Dynamic Duo!
Gracie doodle at 9 months! (A Stunner from Rutlands Baby Joey and Satori!)

Well Australian Labradoodles ARE pretty amazing!

Searching for my family has been a little exhausting...
On the other hand, any excuse for a doodle-snooze!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cocoapuff and the Cocoa-Pups!!!

We have waited a very long time for this scrumptious box of chocolately-cuteness! Mama Cocoapuff was herself a member of a packlet of sweetness ("The Breakfast Club"). And with her loving temperament, combined with Tegan Tall Story's affectionate good humor, we think we have the perfect recipe for a delicious litter of brownie-bites!

Puppy Love!

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