Saturday, January 19, 2013

Veggie Doodles

The dogs enjoy vegetable supplements in their normal high-protein diets. Raw or lightly-steamed veggies are a favorite treat and provide some extra nutrients and roughage to their diets.   Favorites include: green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts!
Raw Carrots are Tori's Favorite Treat

Like the good Mama that she is, Bibi has brought her puppies some broccoli!

...But, like other many other kids, they are not having any part of it!

Perhaps another type of veggie?

Where are you taking that asparagus, Bibi?
Poor Whitney (whose favorite vegetable is the brussel sprout) has tried her utmost to bring her dinner of entire raw chicken breasts to her puppies, but we have thwarted her at every turn. She has made it up to them by bringing them every dog toy in the house she can get her paws on.  We have to remove them several times a day or there would be no room in the sleeping box for the puppies.
Luckily we still like to sleep all snuggled up in a heap!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

We don't think we have ever witnessed such enthusiasm for a first solid meal as with Satori and Baby Joey's little "Blessings"! Remarkably, they just thrust their little muzzles straight into (under!) the puppy mush and started guzzling. They are starting out their culinary careers on a puree of kibble, organic goat milk, and raw green tripe, which clearly is delicious!  There is no order in the process, but rather a lot of trampling and pushing and slobbering, accompanied by sucky, slurpy sounds, and ending up with a lot of mucky faces and feet...Hoping that Satori takes her clean-up duties seriously!

...but, perhaps, on the other hand, the pups' affinity to food it is not so remarkable after all, given their Papa "Joey" likes nothing better than to commune with the refrigerator, and cousin "Topper" is also known for his gastronomic enthusiasm. So they probably come by it honestly!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Blessings

Satori's puppies are so extremely alert and on-the-ball for only 3 weeks of age. They are always aware of anyone approaching their box (no matter how stealthy we are) and will let us know that they want to be picked up and cuddled or be taken out for some exploration. We make sure that they are getting a lot of attention and socialization...

...enough with being alert 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Morning Madness

It's time for the early morning romp and the puppies know it; they start to make their desires known with little whimpers and squeaks. Not unlike with the Garden of Eden, once their eyes were opened to the sweetness of freedom, there is no going back (happily) into the whelping box!

"OK, we know Mom is out here somewhere!"
Still trying to track Whitney and Bibi down...

Clara tells secrets 
("Psssst...Matzoh Ball just pooped on the rug!")

"Are they talking about ME?"
"I did not poop on the rug...It was on the floor!"
"He was FRAMED!"
"Ladies do not poop on the floor!"

Next adventure: The Great Outdoors...

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Social Hour

We like the puppies to get around and visit other places in the house and yard as part of the socialization process.  They are usually a little cautious at first, but then seem to enjoy the adventure and the opportunities to meet others of course...

(Please click on the images to view them in larger format.)

"Hmmm...  Something looks different..."
."I see our favorite ball down there."
"You first."

"First one to the ball gets it!"
Busybody Clara gossips with Sugarplum
"Now what trouble can I brew...?"
Adventure can be exhausting!

5-month-old Bailey Mae wants to know what all the fuss is about 
"I am easily as cute as they are!"

Latke wants to join in

And tubby Matzoh Ball!

"Does anyone else think it is getting a little crowded around here?"
"Outta here!"
"More room for us."
Two of Bibi's pups
Chocolate or Vanilla?
"I am pretty sure I win on Cuteness Factor here."


(Befitting a daughter of Lily and Topper, Bailey Mae basks confidently in her aura of Cuteness)

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