Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alter Egos

Grace and Grady's pups are growing up fast and starting to take on the handsome features of their sire and dam. They hope that arch enemy Dr. Cos-NO does not recognize them in their alter ego personas!

After have been suspended in ice for a generation, "Steve Rogers" returns as...

..."Captain America!" (Off to Save The Day...)

Even Captain America needs a cuddle

"Bruce Wayne" is waiting for his butler to bring him his supper

"Iron Man" as his alter ego "Tony"

Iron Man is famous for his brilliant charisma and makes friends wherever he goes!

"Superman" hopes that his colleague Lois Labradoodle does not see through his mild-mannered disguise

("Xena" is down for half of the "Warrior Princess" role.)

Stand back! "Storm" is working on the Top Secret "El Nino" project

The Power of "Thor" is undeniable
("I'm BATMAN")

Friday, October 23, 2015

Superheroes--Up Close And Personal

Grace and Grady's pups are developing into the amazing Superdoods that they will become! At 6-7 weeks of age, we start to watch more closely for developing personality traits that distinguish them from one another, though all these little guys are solid--just like Mama Grace and Papa Grady!  We are looking forward to the "Garden Playdate" where the Forever Families will be able to meet the litter next weekend.

"Thor" is an example of a chillaxed-dood!
Another easy-going fella, "Ironman" chills out wherever he goes

"Superman" looks like he will be a light Café or Parchment when he grows up
"Captain America" is a favorite with kids
"Batman" likes to be cuddled
"Storm" is the spitting image of her Mama Grace
"Xena" is another smart and sweet girl!


Xena again!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Princess Kiwi's Autumn Harvest

Kiwi's pups are out enjoying our balmy Autumn weather...
"Kabocha" is a tubby lil "Punkin" for sure!

"Yuzu" is much sweeter than his citron-y namesake!

"Kinkan" the kutest little kumquat around!

"Tsuki" -- our little harvest moon-girl

"Mama! do you have to do that here?"

"So embarrassing!"

"Aki" ("Autumn") contemplates the sudden appearance of a something furry on the horizon

Seems harmless enough!

"Mama! No photobombing my glamour pics!'

Princess Kiwi is the soul of patience and calm

"Momiji"  (admiring the colors of Autumn) an important tradition in many cultures!

Friday, October 16, 2015

"The Superheros": Secrets of Their Superpowers

(When they are not preoccupied with their struggles against the forces of evil), "Superheroes" spend their downtime building up their strength with a healthy diet of raw meat, goats' milk, and top-ups of Dr. G's secret elixir, as well as in a strict regimen of exercise...and napping!

(Don't forget you can click on the images to view in higher resolution)
Looks like Dr. G. will have some tidying up to do after this meal

Thor and Batman experiment with extra sensory perception
The Superheroes often use mind-body meditation techniques to enhance their appetites

Dr. G supervises the Superheroes in their martial art training sessions:

The most critical part of the daily regimen:

Snuggle and...


Monday, October 12, 2015

Princess Kiwi's New Pups

I confess...! I have been hoarding again! (Doodle Hoarders Anonymous intervention required!)

We have been so very excited waiting for this litter! Kiwi, who is of course Lola's daughter from  "The Spice Girls" (and not to mention, Cosmo's niece, as well!) has had 5 beauties with "By The Bay Stanford".  The 4 little boys and one girl are wonderfully calm, but robust and healthy, spending their time nursing and sleeping in their box under the desk in my office.

Kiwi's human family have come to admire her precious new babies
Kiwi is a wonderful mama who radiates calm and tranquility around her pups (but still likes to sneak outside for some tennis ball fun!)
Our resident "Labra-doula" Bibi REALLY wants to mother these puppies...
(Luckily for her, Kiwi has gone outside for some "me-time")