Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Clan McTruffle: Farewell To Mama

After taking such good care of her pups and keeping them so tidy and (very) well-nourished, Truffle has weaned her pups:  "I Think Mama Really Means It!" "The Milk Bar is CLOSED! ...Forever!!!"

But Truffle is enjoying some more "Me-time" with her best gal-pal "Oona":

And she is most happy to be in the arms of her family again!

"Just keep that puppy at a safe distance!"
Mama has gone, but there are still lots of cuddles for her puppies
"Hamish" and "Angus"

"Duncan" has the hallmark Doodle "floppiness"!

"Dougal" has a lot of charm
"Seona" and "Flora" have lovely heads
All this fresh air is exhausting

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Haiku's Seven Get Lucky?

The time comes in all puppies' lives when they encounter "solid" food. For some, it rocks their world. But, others are often more skeptical...

Looks like someone made a slight misstep!
Surely there must be something else?
Where's Mom?
All these new experiences are exhausting!
Getting lots of snuggles...
...and kisses from Haiku's human family...
...and socialization to motor traffic!
"Auntie" Piper likes to pop in to play with the puppies sometimes


Monday, April 27, 2015

Vixen's Easter Basket on a Spring Day...

The snugglebunnies ("Peter", "Bugs", "Thumper", "Velveteen", "Mopsy", and "Pat (The Bunny)" get out for a little fresh air!

"Glad to be home again!"


Lily's Pups -- Ready To Party

A sunny Sunday afternoon is the perfect opportunity for some outside playtime for Lily and Truffle's pups, and for important socializing with some VIPs--Truffle's and Luna's families!

"Button, Button... What big eyes you have"
We can see that Button will be a "Parchment" like her mama Lily
Pretty "Spin The Bottle" aka "Smoochie" is getting lots of hugs
Smoochie and Simon
Smoochie will go a long way with those eyelashes
Twisty showing off his rakish charm