Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gathering of The Clan (with "The Clan McTruffie"!)

Truffle is such a devoted mama that her clan is growing fast. Actually, their fat, fat tummies seem to be the parts that are expanding the most rapidly, thanks to Truffie's relentless round-the-clock feeding. And they are always spotlessly clean, due to her careful housekeeping!

Barely 3 weeks old and (cumulatively) the wee bairns are almost as big as Truffle!
Truffle takes bathtime very seriously 
"Dinna fash yersel Mum! It's naught but a morsel o' haggis!"
Meet the Clan McTruffie: "Angus", "Duncan", "Dougal", "Hamish", "Màiri", "Seona", and "Flora"!
A braw lookin’ lassie
"Angus" and "Dougal" are enjoying the view from the Highlands

It's always exciting for the Mamas when their Guardian Families drop in to visit!
Pups get lots of handling by different folks, but according to mama Truffle, the clan elders are Special VIPs! 

Back to the ancestral clan hall for a nap!
Hostilities between rival clans are an everpresent danger in the Highlands. The clan encounters a hunting party of the neighboring McWabbits.

The young McTrufflies opt for a peaceable solution...
...a nap!

Family portrait

Wee lassies "Màiri", "Seona", & "Flora" dogpile on poor "Duncan"

Lucky puppies with so many people to love them!

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