Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Friday's "Modern Family"

Girl Friday is the most gentle and tolerant soul in our the pack and certainly one of the most affectionate.  Just as  is the case with her parents, Gemstone's Satori and Hudsons The Topper, Friday may have inherited a selective hearing disability and actually believes herself to be a "Lap-radoodle".  As a young pup in our Summer of Love Litter,  (when she went by the name of "Incense And Peppermints"),  young Friday distinguished herself by generously dispensing Free Love to one and all (and by her other liberal tendencies.)

Friday has grown up  into a quiet, intuitive, and absolute model for the perfect Australian Labradoodle lady-dog: Summer Of Love Girls: Coming of Age.  But still, somehow, we are not surprised that Friday's beloved little family of three are not in the traditional mold...

Friday's Modern Family

Friday was astonished and delighted to welcome two beautiful chocolate boy puppies early one Tuesday morning, the natural outcomes of a short but Romantic interlude with "Roscoe" and a not-so-Romantic interlude with our reproductive veterinary specialist, and a tank of frozen "Oscar" (Thank you Alpenridge Labradoodles). 

Sunsethills Eat Your Heart Out "Oscar"
Manor Lake Apollo "Roscoe"

So, "Who's The Daddy"?! Luckily, Friday will not be subjected to humiliating daytime TV interrogations, as UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is prompt and accurate in determining questions of paternity, and the biological papa (or papas!) will have to fess up and sign their name(s) on the pedigree.
As fate would have it, a mere two hours after Friday's pups were born, another perfect young girl pup greeted the world in a veterinary clinic across the water. A "singleton" with no brothers and sisters of her own.

The puppy gets a little bit of her birth mama's colostrum

Her sweet mama gave birth to her via C-section. And, because no one wanted the puppy to grow up all alone, she was surreptitiously slipped in next to Friday's boys.

Friday is known for many fine attributes, but math is not one of these. She figured that she must have mis-counted!

They are all quite different from one another...

But warm soul that she is, Friday loves them ALL the same!
"And what's not to love?"
"There's PLENTY of me to love!"

In a "Blended Family" sometimes it takes a village. Uncle Cosmo takes good care of "Poindexter", "Jamal", and little "Samantha"

Meanwhile, somewhere across town...
"Someone" closely resembling Samantha's carefree birthmother Estie, is pursuing her career as an exotic lap (-radoodle) dancer...

(But she wishes to remain anonymous)

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