Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Clan McTruffle: Farewell To Mama

After taking such good care of her pups and keeping them so tidy and (very) well-nourished, Truffle has weaned her pups:  "I Think Mama Really Means It!" "The Milk Bar is CLOSED! ...Forever!!!"

But Truffle is enjoying some more "Me-time" with her best gal-pal "Oona":

And she is most happy to be in the arms of her family again!

"Just keep that puppy at a safe distance!"
Mama has gone, but there are still lots of cuddles for her puppies
"Hamish" and "Angus"

"Duncan" has the hallmark Doodle "floppiness"!

"Dougal" has a lot of charm
"Seona" and "Flora" have lovely heads
All this fresh air is exhausting

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