Monday, September 30, 2013

High Adventure for Our Heroes

Our intrepid little Heroes are game for any kind of adventure and courageously take in all the new sights and sounds of the Great Outdoors.

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Even brave Heroes need some cuddling

These puppies continue to astonish even those of us who see a "lot" of puppies... They are unusually calm, confident, and affectionate. They gather round us when we sit on the floor trying to climb up on our lap and snuggle there. When we hold them in our arms, they stare back at us directly in the eyes, without fidgeting. Even their table manners are exemplary! They patiently share their kibble from a common dish with singular decorum (which is most un-Topper-like!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Puppy Packages!

Little "Friday" and "Venus" are wildly enthusiastic about helping assemble the Puppy Packs...

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"Looks like someone forgot to unpack the chicken liver treats."
"We shall have to rectify that oversight..."
"...And, now, we are going to have to inspect all of the cartons, just in case."
"What do you mean "they're not for us!!!???'"
"I think she said blah blah, blah blah blah, blah 'SIT'. "

"OK, so we are complying with your bizarre demands, so hand over our toys!"

(We offer "Puppy Packages" for sale to our puppy clients with all of the critical items we believe are necessary for the health, training, and happiness of our puppies.  And that means LOTS of toys! ;-)  ) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Breakfast With "Our Heroes"

Lily and Topper's pups make heroic efforts to maneuver the intricacies of consuming puppy mush in their first meal...

The apples have not fallen far from the tree...These pups clearly have inherited their sire Topper's thoroughness and attention to detail in all things culinary!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Tough Act To Follow: Olympians vs. Heroes!

While we are eagerly anticipating the development of Lily and Topper's latest litter "Our Heroes" (Please see preceding post:  "Our Heroes" ), we thought it would be fun to look back at photos of their older siblings (now one year of age) "The Olympians" and imagine how the Heroes will turn out!  Will it be a repeat triumph?  Oh, we think so!!! Below are photos from the Olympians' puppyhood, as well as photos sent in over the past year by their owners...

Fans and family members please comment at the bottom of the page if you like!

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The Mighty "Olympians at 3 weeks!

And at 7 weeks!

Bailey Mae (formerly known as "Misty May") 
"Golden Gate Bailey Mae" at 5 months

The Mighty Wiggins! (Formerly "Phelps")

Wiggins has become a distinguished and well-respected member of his community--must be the mustache! 
Wiggins: Doing what Doodles do best!

Little Golden Gate Jade ("Morgan") showing off her fine conformation

....And again at 6 months!

"Je parle francais maintenant, Maman"

Jade is a breeding dog at Australian Labradoodles of Quebec and a beloved family member as well
Sweet little Mina! ("Gabby")...

...who quickly grew too big for her "bathtub!"
Fresh clean puppy 

Mina supporting one of her young mistresses in a "Time Out"...

...and in a "Home Sick From School" Day
And then catching some snuggle time with the youngest Young Mistress!
Kodi's short summer cut shows off his lovely head and ear set

He takes his job seriously keeping his young master company after a surgery!
Gorgeous Kodi (Before the Barber!)
To read the accounts of their triumphant entries into the grand arena, please see posts from August 2012 onward: 
  Olympic Trials    
(Any more "tails" of these special pups out there?)