Thursday, January 28, 2016

"The Rebel Alliance"

Vixen and Poet's pups are seven weeks old and getting ready to be able to leave their little pack and head off into the world with their new forever families...
There is a male for a Foster-Guardian situation. Please email for information about being a Foster-Guardian family for one of these puppies.
Chewy on lookout!


Jar Jar

Jar Jar

"Princess Leia" stepping out
Off to the Eye Vet!

"Looks  interesting here!"
And then off to the regualar vet for our Wellness Check-up!

The pups are relaxed even on the slippery exam table

But always glad to be home!

"Wait for me...!"
Little "Skywalker" and "Amidala" will be available to qualified Foster-Guardian families. For an information sheet and application about this program, please email me.

Amidala is a charmer


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stella's Storybook

Stella and Topper make beautiful babies, there is no denying...

Introducing another literary litter:  "Madeline", "Matilda", "Eloise", "Ramona", "Pippi", "Maisy", and "Frances"! And the boys: "Harold", "Wilbur", "(Curious) George", and "Babar".