Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vixen's Sweet Liberty Litter

Vixen and Sarge's pretty red puppies are a delight to the eye with their glossy bright coats and shiny curls! (and, for us, a delight to the ears, as Vixen keeps them well-fed and happy!)
At two weeks of age, sleeping is a big priority
Some of us are more gifted in this respect than others
Luckily, stinky feet do not deter us from our mission
"Semper Gumby", we can snooze in almost any position!
 Betsy Ross cleans up her sister's ear 

Shiny "Spangle" shows off her glossy coat!
Poor little Yankee Doodle is learning the meaning of "Dog Pile"
While Miss America poses for her profile shot!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Is In The Air... and Second Breakfast Too!

Topper and Lily are excited to see each other after so long. There is quite a bit of ritual courtship frolicking and romping. And a snack too--just to round things out nicely... Perhaps, if Mother Nature agrees, we will see another beautiful litter of puppies in 63 days from now...

Lily greets Topper with a big hug
But she does not let him forget who's the top dog!

They can't keep their paws off of each other!
Topper unfailing keeps his sense of humour throughout the good-natured roughhousing
Lily is mistress of the "Come Hither" gaze
A break to inspect his new feeding objet d'art
(It's called a "Greenie")
The Rubik's Cube for canines?
Ever the gentleman, Topper checks in with thirsty Lily
And gets a little kiss for his thoughtfulness!

We are crossing fingers for a repeat of Topper and Lily's last litter--the beautiful "Olympians", who can be seen in many blog posts beginning in August 2012:   "The Young Olympians"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vixen Sees Red (and White, and Blue)!

Vixen whelped her eagerly-awaited litter of 6 pups on June 13th-14th, just in time for Flag Day! Five girls and one boy! Yikes! I think this little guy is going to have his paws full...

Vixen is a glowing new Mama!
She is an amazing mother for her first-time and snuggled her first pup awaiting the arrival of the rest...
...who came out squirming in search of their first meatl!
Vixen instinctively knows just what to do
And her puppies are happy with full tummies
Only minutes old, and the puppies also know exactly what to do!
This litter have beautiful coats--as bright as a copper penny.
Oh my!  We can't wait to see the rich red curls on this puppy!

Names, please?
So far, the proposed names include: "America", Liberty", "Glory", "Star", Spangle", "Banner", "Yankee", "Doodle", "Dandy", "Betsy", and "Ross"!
It's a Red-, White-, and Blue-Letter Day for Vixen
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Brownies in the Kitchen

The Never-Neverland haven is expanding, and strictly due to their good potty manners (at only 5 weeks of age!) the pups have taken up our kitchen as their domain. Despite a nice selection of crates strategically located in the breakfast nook, they prefer to take cover under the kitchen hutch, emerging to investigate "what's up" when they hear someone coming in.

If you look closely, you may spot the quiet little brownies who inhabit the dark close places in our kitchen...
Even if you don't see them, they are watching...

Like helpful little House Elves they often pop out to lend a hand to the family...
...when they are not busy.
(Warning:  House Elves can be rather cross when disturbed at rest)
"Did someone say "brownies"?"
"Looks like that ice cream bowl could use a good cleaning!"
They are always alert to opportunities to help out...
...such as with floor cleaning after dinner...
...and ensuring that the fridge is kept well-stocked at all times.

Being on guard against (nonedible) foreign objects is an ongoing duty.

("Gonna Catch 'em All!")

"Hold it right there...!  

"Aren't we forgetting something?!"
"What do you mean you've never heard of 'Second Breakfast'?!"
Another long day...and it's only 10:00 in the morning!