Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vixen's Sweet Liberty Litter

Vixen and Sarge's pretty red puppies are a delight to the eye with their glossy bright coats and shiny curls! (and, for us, a delight to the ears, as Vixen keeps them well-fed and happy!)
At two weeks of age, sleeping is a big priority
Some of us are more gifted in this respect than others
Luckily, stinky feet do not deter us from our mission
"Semper Gumby", we can snooze in almost any position!
 Betsy Ross cleans up her sister's ear 

Shiny "Spangle" shows off her glossy coat!
Poor little Yankee Doodle is learning the meaning of "Dog Pile"
While Miss America poses for her profile shot!

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