Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Is In The Air... and Second Breakfast Too!

Topper and Lily are excited to see each other after so long. There is quite a bit of ritual courtship frolicking and romping. And a snack too--just to round things out nicely... Perhaps, if Mother Nature agrees, we will see another beautiful litter of puppies in 63 days from now...

Lily greets Topper with a big hug
But she does not let him forget who's the top dog!

They can't keep their paws off of each other!
Topper unfailing keeps his sense of humour throughout the good-natured roughhousing
Lily is mistress of the "Come Hither" gaze
A break to inspect his new feeding objet d'art
(It's called a "Greenie")
The Rubik's Cube for canines?
Ever the gentleman, Topper checks in with thirsty Lily
And gets a little kiss for his thoughtfulness!

We are crossing fingers for a repeat of Topper and Lily's last litter--the beautiful "Olympians", who can be seen in many blog posts beginning in August 2012:   "The Young Olympians"

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