Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vixen Sees Red (and White, and Blue)!

Vixen whelped her eagerly-awaited litter of 6 pups on June 13th-14th, just in time for Flag Day! Five girls and one boy! Yikes! I think this little guy is going to have his paws full...

Vixen is a glowing new Mama!
She is an amazing mother for her first-time and snuggled her first pup awaiting the arrival of the rest...
...who came out squirming in search of their first meatl!
Vixen instinctively knows just what to do
And her puppies are happy with full tummies
Only minutes old, and the puppies also know exactly what to do!
This litter have beautiful coats--as bright as a copper penny.
Oh my!  We can't wait to see the rich red curls on this puppy!

Names, please?
So far, the proposed names include: "America", Liberty", "Glory", "Star", Spangle", "Banner", "Yankee", "Doodle", "Dandy", "Betsy", and "Ross"!
It's a Red-, White-, and Blue-Letter Day for Vixen
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