Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grace and Grady's Pups -- Outside to get some fresh air

Grace and Grady's pups are 2 weeks old and just ready to open their eyes!  (In fact there are some peek-ers already!)  They still spend most of the day asleep (or eating) but were quite calm and relaxed having a little cuddle in the afternoon sun. The fresh air did whet their BIG appetites though!


Caidy's Little Dog Stars

Caidy and Roscoe's pups are nothing short of delightful!  They are SO friendly and outgoing that they almost knock themselves over with happy bottom-waggling when we come over to the box to say hello. These guys are "interactive" in a big way, like their mama Caidy.
"Yes, my breakfast mush WAS delicious!"
These pups all have has amazing eye contact since first opening their eyes
"So, what's going on out there?"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grace & Grady's Pups

Gracie's pups were born at night, and though Grace was quite casual about the whole thing, we certainly had suspicions when she refused cooked hamburger!

The first two were chocolates-- boy and a girl

By 2:00 Grace had whelped 7 lovely puppies: 2 girls and 5 boys!

Fortunately, she made up for missing her burger, with TWO bowls of French Vanilla ice cream--lots of sugar, calcium, and protein to help make milk for 7 hungry babies

The pups set right to work!

Chubby curly caramel boy

Curly chocolate boy
Cream male
Chocolate boy
Chocolate boy
Sleepy chocolate boy
Cream girl