Saturday, September 12, 2015

Little Dog Stars

Caidy & Roscoe's pups have opened their eyes and their ears, which had both been sealed for two weeks. While they can only see a few feet in front of them, they have started to lift their heads and peer curiously in response to noises and movement. 
We are gradually introducing the pups to new smells, surfaces, and places around the house
The pups are not sure what to think, but very quickly they will be come accustomed to variation in their environment, which will help them in their ongoing development
Most of the time, the pups remain quietly in their whelping box until Mama Caidy pops in for their next feeding
Eat and sleep, and eat, sleep sleep sleep...

Imagine curling up with these little heavenly bodies in your bed?

With Caidy's intelligent and interactive good-nature and Roscoe's confident and affectionate temperament, we are expecting out-of-this-world temperaments from these little stars! Introducing: "Sirius", "Sputnik", "Triton", "Rocket", "Lyra", & "Halley" (aka "Violet").

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