Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On The Lookout...

The highpoint of the day for the puppies is when Mama Luna jumps in for a feeding, which occurs about 8-9 times a day now. They probably also can tell that for much of the day and night she is stationed in her bed just outside their box! Their eyes and ears are becoming more finely tuned to pick out signs that it is supper-time again...

Pan and Tootles have decided to take the first watch, and let the others nap
Too bad we don't have a pocketwatch here, or at least a crocodile, to tell us if it's supper-time yet!
Ever-vigilant, the pups awaken at even a suggestion of an intruder
Luckily Tink is on the alert, and spots something...Is it the Wendybird?!
She sounds the alarm just in case!
But--HURRAY!-- it's MOM! (She came BACK!!!)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

In Never-Neverland...

Luna's pups Pan, Tootles, Nibs, and Tink have been keeping a low profile in Pan's Secret Hideout as the grown-up world has carried on with lots of noisy shenanigans outside.  But as much as they may not want to grow up, the Never-Neverland crew are getting bigger (and fatter!). Still, their lives are still pretty troublefree and simple, with the highpoints being visits from the loving and caring Luna.

No one ever tells us it's Bedtime
We pretty much do whatever we want with no one bossing us around.
Still we always make sure we have a Lookout posted, just in case.
Tink inspects everyone who approaches the Hideout!

Hmmm...even if he did "fall out of his pram" as an infant and become a Lost Boy, we can already tell "who's his Daddy!"
Tink has found a snuggly-place all her own
But not for long!

"At least there's a girl around here to look after them!"

When there is danger, the best thing to do is to take cover...
Until the coast is clear!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Luna's Baby Story...

A first litter can be confusing for a young mother-to-be and Luna wandered about for a day or two trying to settle and "nest" in various (inappropriate) places, before she decided (with a little coaching) that the tent we made over the whelping box was "just right". While dogs often give birth in the dark wee hours, when they feel safe, we were very grateful that Luna considerately waited until the sun rose to pop out her four chunky-monkeys--3 boys and one girl! And we are not at all surprised what good care she is taking of them. Her own mama Lily and her grandma Lola are the BEST of Mama Doodles!

These little pups share a birthday with author J.M. Barrie and are so very precious and sweet and spunky that we wish they never had to grow up, and could remain forever in Never-Never Land... just like "Peter Pan" and the Lost Boys "Tootles" and "Nibs"...and, of course, "Tinkerbelle" to keep them all in line!

She may not be completely sure about why she needs one so much, but Luna is happy to have finally located a cozy and safe den away from the household hubbub!

Shhh! No one knows I am in here...

Catching up on some Z's--while she can! (Mama dogs have an instinctive need to "dig" and Luna has made a nest out of her pile of towels.)

"Something's happening but I am not sure exactly "what"!"

Luna comes to motherhood very naturally...

...and she is so proud of her four robust and sleek pups

Just like her Mama, Luna takes excellent care of  her pups who are fat-'n'-happy!

These puppies have really BIG paws!

It will be days before we open our eyes, but in the meantime, we haul ourselves around the box like chubby seal pups whenever we sense that Mama has jumped in to feed us...

 ...and huddle together to keep warm when she leaves.

Full tummies and a warm bed make for happy pups!

Luna enjoys a well-deserved saucer of vanilla ice cream "to keep her strength up" between puppies!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Now! Playing Live...! THE SPICE GIRLS...!!!

At almost 7 weeks of age, the Spice Girls are showing up to play at different venues all over the house! Then on to a special outdoor appearance at a garden party and a Gala dinner with lucky fans!!!

It's Mothers' Day and Lola enjoys a romp outside in the sun with her daughters. Luna takes a rare break from her precious new pups to visit with her own human family who have come to see her and the new puppies.

Lola and Luna stepping out together on Mothers Day

Letting the Labradoodle Tails Fly!

Lola is rather an indulgent mother and often lets her puppies get away with a lot of naughtiness

Luna is still in great shape after her brief "confinement" and ready to go after a few balls

A few kisses are exchanged with special mothers

Anyone for the paddling pool?

The Spice Girls are very happy to snuggle with experienced Puppy-Snugglers  

Ginger Spice is a real snuggle-bug!

Al Fresco Luncheon

Ginger and Anise

Spice Girls are welcomed with open arms at a Mother's Day Dinner
I heard there are puppies for dessert?!

Surely that can't be true...

Ice Cream and Puppies!

Mamas Bibi and Lola enjoying special Mothers' Day snuggles 

Spice Girls Security Force keeps an eye open for suspicious characters

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

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