Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spice Girls Mix it Up

The "Spice Girls" ("Paprika", "Anise", "Ginger", "Saffron", & "Nutmeg") are spending more time perfecting their social skills outside and socializing with different people, in preparation for the day when they will be sent off into the big wide world to seek their fortunes...
 (Please click on the photos to view them in larger format.)

The Girls had a big day playing with some of their families-to-be.
"We hope they liked us!'

Someone is trying to upstage her sisters...
"Too bad...Looks like she must have 'tripped' !"
"Do you think we ought to help her up?"

A move with possible serious consequences... 

 Innocent Bystanders
A touching show of sisterly devotion
"So this is what a 'Dog Pile' is all about!"
"Mmwahhahahaha!  (Revenge is ours!)"
But you have to find me first.
"Is it safe to come out yet?"
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