Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weather is Turning...

"I'm cold...Throw another Labradoodle on the bed, Mom."
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is My (Guardian) Family Looking for Me?

"Luna" aka "Lulu"
This beautiful apricot-creme puppy is 12-weeks old with a soft, non-shedding "allergy-friendly" fleece coat. We have held her back from Lily's most recent litter to include in our breeding program when she completes all health testing.  While we are really enjoying her sweet, attentive, intelligent nature, and playful puppy frolics, we know that it would be much better for her to find the permanent family who may even now be looking for her!

I am eager to please and almost crate-trained! 

Although I really enjoy snuggling, I am a lot of fun too

I am going to be "The Easter Beagle" for Halloween

I am already good at "fetch" games

They tell me I will mature to a "large Medium" at about 35-40 lbs., give or take 5 lbs.  

A "Foster Family" will take care of one of our untested breeding puppies until she passes health testing.  If the puppy passes all testing, the family may become a "Guardian Family" for a set number of litters (in our home) from the mature dog, after which she will be retired and become their own dog.  There is no charge for this, although we do take a deposit and expect the family to pay for "pet-related" expenses, while we cover all "breeding-related" expenses. (If the puppy does not pass testing, the Foster Family has first rights to purchase the puppy at a discount, or can accept a different puppy from another litter.  Luna has already passed her eye testing and will have hip x-rays at 6-8 months.)

If you reside in the (Greater) Bay Area, have a "fenced-in" yard, are home "much of the day," and are interested in finding out about being one of our Foster/Guardian Families please contact us for more information.

All the Best,

"Spreading Joy Through... Labradoodles!"

Telephone: 650-576-9068

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