Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stella's Little "Monster Mash"!

Stella's and Topper's pups are bright-eyed and full of tricks these days..Just in time to celebrate Halloween! Stellie is so proud to introduce her little "monsters"!: "Frankie", "Cookie", "Nessie","Morticia", "Grendel", "Jabberwock" (aka "Jabba the Hutt" ;-) , "Smaug", "The Hound of the "Baskervilles", "Cerberus" (aka "Fluffy"), and "Bunny" aka "The Rabbit of Caerbannog".

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello Out There! (Stella's Pups Peek Out...)

Peek-a-boo Babies!  At 2 weeks of age now, Stella's pups have begun opening their eyes!  At first we just see tiny glints of reflected light from barely perceptible slits, but within a day they are open and the pups seem quite astonished at this new sense sending new information to their little brains!

Lovely Stella!  Always with a "smile" on her pretty face!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Red Letter Days for the Red Alert Pups!

Vixen's pups are enjoying the sunny weather playing with their "pack" (which includes Truffle's twin chocolate pups as well) and in our garden playdates with their future families.

The pups enjoy themselves with their toys and looking for kibble treats hidden in their play area
"I think we have found them all!"
"Why can't we come out and poop on the carpet?"

Cosmo has horned in on the playdate, as he believes himself to be easily as cute as these puppies!

Stella and Topper's Top Ten

Stella was clearly giving birth to a big litter...or a litter of hippos...judging from the size of her tummy which spilled out on both sides of her! There are now ten little dark chocolate reasons for that big Stelly-belly!
(Please click on the images to view them in large format)

Stella and her generous pre-whelping girth

Stella let us know not to make other plans for the afternoon! 

Even after the first two pups the Stelly-Belly was still full!

Atta Girl! Five Boys and Five Girls!

The pups are so dark that it is hard to photograph them well in low light--hence the flash glare. (When their eyes open at about 14-16 days, we will not use flash anymore.)

The pups's eyes and their ears are sealed,...

...but they have a keen sense of smell and can feel the vibrations of Mama Stella jumping into their box for a feeding

This pup is sucking vigorously on his sister's ear...I hope nothing is coming out!

Beautiful heads on these guys!

Someone is eating well!

We need to make certain that Stella never goes hungry, so, on top of her meals of fresh frozen raw, she has a self-serve bar of kibble with probiotics