Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Just Minding Our Own Business...And Waiting..."

Whitney's and Chanel's pups are starting to go off to seek their fortunes in their new "Fur-ever" Homes! Luckily the pups are not skilled in mathematical computation and may not notice that their numbers are diminishing!

"KumKum"  and "Dolly"
"KumKum" aka "Her Serene Highness"!

"Dollface" aka "Dolly", living up to her moniker!

And the one-and-only "JellyRoll"!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A "Cocoa-Pup" Is Available! (No Longer Available)

Some lucky family is going to get a fantastic puppy!  AND, a CUTE one!  We have decided not to retain "Cocoa-Bella" for our breeding program and will be releasing her as a pet.  Bella is from the "Cocoa-Pups" litter (Cocoa-Puff x Tegan's Tall Story).

Bella is focused, intelligent, and active and will be a very satisfying dog for those families who want a well-trained dog.  Because of her high intelligence, she will not be appropriate for folks who are not willing to undertake consistent basic puppy obedience and who are not strict about setting limits. She is just so darn cute that she is likely to charm her way into getting whatever she wants!

She is 10 weeks old, has had her first shots, is spayed and is ready to go to the right match immediately.

Please see out web site:  http://www.goldengatelabradoodles.com/AdoptingAPuppy.html  for information on buying a puppy. Call for more information on Cocoa-Bella. 650-576-9068


Saturday, December 21, 2013

What To Do On The First Day of Winter? Lounge in the California Sun! (Puppy Availability Now!)

What else to do on a brilliant and balmy Winter morning? Hang out and lounge with Mama Whits and the gang...

We have completed the "sorting" process and the families who have been on the waitlist for months have been matched up with their puppies. (We intentionally do not over-reserve our litters to enable optimization of puppy distribution amongst our clients. In addition, we have held back a puppy to evaluate for our breeding program but have decided not to keep her.) So, NOW, there are the 3 pups that were not the right matches for our families, just waiting to find their forever family match. One large medium female from Whitney's litter and two small medium and medium male puppies from Chanel are available, all suitable for families, first time dog owners ...and second-time dog owners! 

All information about buying a pet puppy is on the website:

Even though Whitney's and Chanel's pups have been weaned for over a week, they still "dog the steps" of the Mama dogs...just in case!

Whitney has found a way to keep the hounds at bay

CocoaBella...the last remaining CocoaPup is looking for a home who will enjoy teaching her tricks and good manners!

CocoaBella and sister
A Calm and Reflective Zen Moment for Devi

Don't you hate folks who hog the lounge chairs all to themselves?

Looks like the snack bar has opened...already a line forms!

Devi practicing nonattachment


Four Boys!

We clearly need a bigger platform lounger


The stunning Rama is keeping an eye out for danger

Gatsby has found his own deluxe lounger
Jellyroll is convinced there is room for three at the top

But getting up there is the trick...

...as is getting comfy!


Is that the Pool Boy?
And pay close attention to how the gate mechanism is operated!
Jellyroll and Gatsby


No room for Jellyroll's Jellybutt!