Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Diwali Sweets (and their "Royal" Sibs!)

We enjoy wondering and imagining what tiny little puppies of 4 weeks will look like when they are all grown up.  Most of the time, we are projecting from what we know about Mom and Dad, but in the case of  Topper and Whitney's current litter the "Diwali Sweets", we have a pretty good idea! Topper and Whitney have a previous litter of now one-year-olds who are all amazing family pets in the Bay Area (though we certainly wish we had kept one of them for our own breeding program!). Looking at these precious and vulnerable Diwali babies, it is still hard to imagine them transforming into such noble beasts as their siblings "The Royals".


The pups have relocated to the sunny breakfast nook, and like many pups before them, choose to sleep underneath the kitchen hutch.  Puppies love small close den-like places where they feel safe!

They are usually very happy when we introduce crates where there is plenty of room for all!

Waiting for (Second) Breakfast

"Don't know why they call this the 'Breakfast Nook'...Not much of that in sight!"

As to be expected from Topper's young ones, these babies LOVE their food and belly up to the bar to get their orders served up faster. ("We'll have the Puppy Mush Special!")

The puppies' older siblings "The Royals" are also notable in their fondness of food. As young adults, they are blossoming into fine canine family companions (and learning moderation in all things ;-) ! ) Please enjoy this retrospective of "The Royals" as pups and adolescents:
Young Abner

"What has she got in her pocketses?

Oh, Abner!

The Royals Celebrate Their First Birthday!

Catching some rays

Lily Goes Home

Her Serene Highness "Lily"

Two Royal Siblings

Baby Abner


"The Rufferee!"

Handsome Walter

Hoping that our patience will be generously rewarded!

Abner and Maui have a Sleepover!

Magnificent Maui

First Dip

Baby Walter

Freshly Groomed

Spooky Oliver
Spooky Walter

And don't miss this fabulous video of our own young celebrity trainer "Matteo" with his puppy "Maui":    Puppy Tricks!
For more about The Royals, please see the posts in this blog from June and July 2012:  Topper and his Royal Puppies 

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