Sunday, December 22, 2013

A "Cocoa-Pup" Is Available! (No Longer Available)

Some lucky family is going to get a fantastic puppy!  AND, a CUTE one!  We have decided not to retain "Cocoa-Bella" for our breeding program and will be releasing her as a pet.  Bella is from the "Cocoa-Pups" litter (Cocoa-Puff x Tegan's Tall Story).

Bella is focused, intelligent, and active and will be a very satisfying dog for those families who want a well-trained dog.  Because of her high intelligence, she will not be appropriate for folks who are not willing to undertake consistent basic puppy obedience and who are not strict about setting limits. She is just so darn cute that she is likely to charm her way into getting whatever she wants!

She is 10 weeks old, has had her first shots, is spayed and is ready to go to the right match immediately.

Please see out web site:  for information on buying a puppy. Call for more information on Cocoa-Bella. 650-576-9068


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  1. Soooo CUTE! I'm gonna die! :3
    Just for an additional info. Training would be easy to handle if you already established your role as a leader. Based on experience as a trainer, everything goes absolutely smooooooth afterwards. :D
    You can visit me here: see yah! :D