Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On The Lookout...

The highpoint of the day for the puppies is when Mama Luna jumps in for a feeding, which occurs about 8-9 times a day now. They probably also can tell that for much of the day and night she is stationed in her bed just outside their box! Their eyes and ears are becoming more finely tuned to pick out signs that it is supper-time again...

Pan and Tootles have decided to take the first watch, and let the others nap
Too bad we don't have a pocketwatch here, or at least a crocodile, to tell us if it's supper-time yet!
Ever-vigilant, the pups awaken at even a suggestion of an intruder
Luckily Tink is on the alert, and spots something...Is it the Wendybird?!
She sounds the alarm just in case!
But--HURRAY!-- it's MOM! (She came BACK!!!)

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