Sunday, May 19, 2013

Luna's Baby Story...

A first litter can be confusing for a young mother-to-be and Luna wandered about for a day or two trying to settle and "nest" in various (inappropriate) places, before she decided (with a little coaching) that the tent we made over the whelping box was "just right". While dogs often give birth in the dark wee hours, when they feel safe, we were very grateful that Luna considerately waited until the sun rose to pop out her four chunky-monkeys--3 boys and one girl! And we are not at all surprised what good care she is taking of them. Her own mama Lily and her grandma Lola are the BEST of Mama Doodles!

These little pups share a birthday with author J.M. Barrie and are so very precious and sweet and spunky that we wish they never had to grow up, and could remain forever in Never-Never Land... just like "Peter Pan" and the Lost Boys "Tootles" and "Nibs"...and, of course, "Tinkerbelle" to keep them all in line!

She may not be completely sure about why she needs one so much, but Luna is happy to have finally located a cozy and safe den away from the household hubbub!

Shhh! No one knows I am in here...

Catching up on some Z's--while she can! (Mama dogs have an instinctive need to "dig" and Luna has made a nest out of her pile of towels.)

"Something's happening but I am not sure exactly "what"!"

Luna comes to motherhood very naturally...

...and she is so proud of her four robust and sleek pups

Just like her Mama, Luna takes excellent care of  her pups who are fat-'n'-happy!

These puppies have really BIG paws!

It will be days before we open our eyes, but in the meantime, we haul ourselves around the box like chubby seal pups whenever we sense that Mama has jumped in to feed us...

 ...and huddle together to keep warm when she leaves.

Full tummies and a warm bed make for happy pups!

Luna enjoys a well-deserved saucer of vanilla ice cream "to keep her strength up" between puppies!

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