Monday, May 27, 2013

In Never-Neverland...

Luna's pups Pan, Tootles, Nibs, and Tink have been keeping a low profile in Pan's Secret Hideout as the grown-up world has carried on with lots of noisy shenanigans outside.  But as much as they may not want to grow up, the Never-Neverland crew are getting bigger (and fatter!). Still, their lives are still pretty troublefree and simple, with the highpoints being visits from the loving and caring Luna.

No one ever tells us it's Bedtime
We pretty much do whatever we want with no one bossing us around.
Still we always make sure we have a Lookout posted, just in case.
Tink inspects everyone who approaches the Hideout!

Hmmm...even if he did "fall out of his pram" as an infant and become a Lost Boy, we can already tell "who's his Daddy!"
Tink has found a snuggly-place all her own
But not for long!

"At least there's a girl around here to look after them!"

When there is danger, the best thing to do is to take cover...
Until the coast is clear!

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