Monday, June 3, 2013

In the Wendy-House

The crew has ventured out from the hideout on an excursion to the wider world beyound the whelping box...

Luna has received another special visit from her family. While most Mamas with such young pups are extremely protective of their babies around strangers, they are usually delighted and proud to show off their accomplishments to their own beloved human families!

Appropriate exposure to new sights, smells, and sounds is a critical element of puppy socialization.  The Never-Neverland crew are somewhat hesitant of the first step.
Brave Nibs leads the way
"They don't look like Pirates!" (But Tootles cleverly "plays dead" just in case.)
Intuitive Australian Labradoodle that she is, Luna has picked right up on her family's approval and delight...

...and she is justifiably proud!
As Mamas need to stay close-to-home to protect their babies from exposure to disease, it is important to provide lots of extra love and entertainment for them!
Puppies also benefit from gentle (supervised) handling by people of different ages.

After a feeding and a playtime, only one thing left to do...

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