Thursday, September 3, 2015

Puppy Pile! Caidy & Roscoe's Pups At One Week

We are enjoying Caidy and Roscoe's sweet and easy-going pups, who spend their days in their whelping box under the table in the sunny office, quiet and happy.  Of course, when Mama Caidy jumps in, everyone pipes up with soft little mewlings and a scrabbling and tumbling towards breakfast ...or "second breakfast" or "third", as the case may be!

The pups are black now, but there is a chance that several may develop to the rare "Blue" shade, which is an elegant charcoal grey with blue undertones


The pups are getting a lot of gentle handling several times a day as part of our Early Neurological Stimulation practices
This little girl is not convinced about the "stimulation" part

The pups are nursing every couple of hours and to keep up her weight, Caidy is eating 3 BIG meals a day consisting of a mix of raw burger, cooked liver, kibble, generously annointed with salmon oil, a calcium supplement, probiotics, and other tasty additions that we have that day such as salmon skin or other meats.

In terms of temperament, we are hoping for the perfect combination of Caidy's interactive, affectionate, and fun personality and Roscoe's laid-back, loving, and unflappable "Chill factor".  Projecting from both of the parents, we are betting these will be "people dogs" for sure who will very quickly establish deep-rooted bonds with their family ..And with pretty much everyone else they meet! Based on the sizes of both Mama and Papa, we anticipate that the pups will mature to sizes from 25-30 lbs. As they grow, we will be able to discern more size differentiation between the individual babies. We expect them to have wavy to curly fleece coats in the full range of "Black" coloration which likely will include some rare "Blue" puppies, which is rich charcoal gray-to nighttime sky black. The brown male will likely mature to a light CafĂ© or Parchment coloring like his dad.

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