Friday, August 28, 2015

Darkness at Dawn: Caidy & Roscoe's Pups Are Born

Caidy is an extremely smart and observant much so, that I am pretty sure she has "observed" that while I am NOT a night person, I do bound out of bed pretty early with a 4:45 AM alarm ready to go (to my son's rowing practice!)  Keeping that in mind, Miss Caidy very considerately waited until 4:46 to let me know that I had better be ready for her new puppies...soon...and by 5:05, the first of her six precious pups with Roscoe (Manor Lake Apollo) had made its appearance:

(Click on the individual images to view them in large format)

The first boy is a chubby fellow!

By 11:00, all six puppies had been born

Fours boys and two girls!
Caidy enjoyed her mid-way snack of some delicious CHEESE!

Auntie Bibi, our resident "Labra-doula" would like nothing better than to take care of these sweet babies

Not for you Beebs!

The pups were born unusually robust and active, and even at only a couple hours old, were dragging themselves across the box to find the puppy pile!

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