Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Be Prepared": Doodle Scouts Get Ready to Hit The Trail

Brownie and Apollo's puppies are getting their puppy-packs together to graduate from the pack and join "Fur-ever" Families in the community...

"Merit Badge":
Badge is a lively dood with glossy dark fleece and an eye for adventure:

"Eagle Scout":
"Eagle" has an intuitive human-focus like his mama Brownie.

"Arrow of Light" :
"Arrow" is a thoughtful and quiet fellow who "looks before he leaps". We anticipate that his coat will eventually turn to a beautiful and rare Parchment color.

"Venture" is an affectionate and outgoing little gal with some spunk to her.  We hope to include her in our breeding program and  are seeking a Foster/Guardian family for her.  (Please let me know if you would like information about this program.)


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