Saturday, June 27, 2015

Apollo And Brownie's Doodle-Cub Scouts: Court of Honor

At just 7 weeks of age the little packmembers have grown into friendly, helpful, courteous, and kind little Doodle-Cub Scouts!

A Doodle Scout is Patient... and sits quietly while the humans point their (non-edible) flashy-clicky- whirring thingies at us.

"Eagle" dutifully reflects on his Good Turn for the day:  "I will not chew on the drip irrigation tubing--at least for the next 12 minutes."

"Philmont" is ready for some High Adventure!
"Arrow of Light"  models for next month's "Doodle's Life" magazine
"Woggle" says:  A Doodle Scout is "Cheerful"!
"Merit Badge" working hard on the "Lounging On Upholstered Furniture" award

Sweet little "Venture", the only girl,  belongs to the co-ed program, but has NO problem keeping up with the boys! "Venture" is available to a Foster-Guardian family in the Bay Area.
"Jamboree" contemplates helping a little old lady cross the street....either that, or taking a nap instead
The Doodle Scouts spend much of their day living the Doodle Motto:  Any Day Is A Good Day For a Flop...
A Doodle Scout is Floppy:  Woggle demonstrates versatility in multiple-surface-flopping at a young age

...and lots of  time to working on Doodle Scout lore:

A Doodle Scout is Clean: Eagle takes care of cleaning out Philmont's ear, while Woggle inspects his pedicure

A Doodle Scout is Thrifty:  Working on "Lost Kibble Recovery" badge
A Doodle Scout is Physically Fit:  Philmont demonstrates the "Front Crossover", a stepping-stone to more complex maneuvers such as the "Reverse 180" used to evade baths, brushing, or other possibly undesirable events
"Who, me?"
(Doodle Scouts are not always Courteous
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt: "Venture" apologizes for sinking her pointy little teeth into Philmont's ear 

"Looking Innocent When I Have Been Naughty" Award
A Doodle Scout is Friendly!
Arrow worrying that he has forgotten one of his Ten Essentials (Breakfast? Snack? Lunch? early-Afternoon snack?, mid-Afternoon snack...?)
Big Brother "Jackpot" coaches the unit in advanced flopping technique
And Jack is always good for a snuggle too!
Jamboree is working hard on his style
This is a very "pretty" boy-puppy... (Naturally, the pack embraces diversity and does not discriminate in such matters)
Philmont and Venture use the "Buddy System" when they leave the camp
Jambo contemplates some whittling on  the table-leg

..The Kibble Recovery squad springs into action, supervised by older brother Jackpot!

"Leave No Trace" !

Waiting for the Girl-Doodle Scouts to come to the door with Tag-A-Longs and Thin Mints

Certain high-achieving young Doodle Scouts distinguish themselves for possible future positions of leadership and rank in the Pack. "Jamboree" has been selected by the Pack Leadership to undergo the rigorous ordeal of the "Order of The Doodle" to further evaluate his potential.

Reacting with calm curiosity at a surprise attack by a flying aluminum pot
Careful but brave upon unexpectedly being popped up onto the hood of the neighbor's car
Standing at attention on the slippery marble counter
The ordeal involves challenges to a Doodle Scout's confidence, intelligence, and physical ability
"Jamboree" is being evaluated for a potential future stud dog, either for a guardian home or for another breeder...stay tuned for more on Jambo!

There is some availability for medium male puppies in this litter going home in 10 days. Priority to families who have already submitted an application.

The Doodle Scouts are a "repeat litter" from Roscoe and Brownie. To see their full siblings from last year, use the search bar on this blog page and search "Brownie Bites"!

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