Monday, April 13, 2015

A First For The Birthday Party

Lily has told her pups in no uncertain terms, that the operating hours of the "milk bar" are being curtailed! But she is very supportive in encouraging them to try something new...

Le Menu du Jour includes kibble saturated in goat's milk, garnished with a sprinkling of probiotics
As an experienced mama, Lily stands by and supervises, but does not swoop down and start scarfing up the babies' delicious breakfast (...unlike some Mamas!)
Twister and Bingo go head-to-head
Spin-The-Bottle ("Smoochie") thinks this is another kissing game
Button wants to know what's for dessert?
Button is showing signs that she will be a beautiful silvery-Parchment like her mama!
And now for a little post-prandial puppy tumbling!

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