Monday, October 12, 2015

Princess Kiwi's New Pups

I confess...! I have been hoarding again! (Doodle Hoarders Anonymous intervention required!)

We have been so very excited waiting for this litter! Kiwi, who is of course Lola's daughter from  "The Spice Girls" (and not to mention, Cosmo's niece, as well!) has had 5 beauties with "By The Bay Stanford".  The 4 little boys and one girl are wonderfully calm, but robust and healthy, spending their time nursing and sleeping in their box under the desk in my office.

Kiwi's human family have come to admire her precious new babies
Kiwi is a wonderful mama who radiates calm and tranquility around her pups (but still likes to sneak outside for some tennis ball fun!)
Our resident "Labra-doula" Bibi REALLY wants to mother these puppies...
(Luckily for her, Kiwi has gone outside for some "me-time")

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