Friday, October 23, 2015

Superheroes--Up Close And Personal

Grace and Grady's pups are developing into the amazing Superdoods that they will become! At 6-7 weeks of age, we start to watch more closely for developing personality traits that distinguish them from one another, though all these little guys are solid--just like Mama Grace and Papa Grady!  We are looking forward to the "Garden Playdate" where the Forever Families will be able to meet the litter next weekend.

"Thor" is an example of a chillaxed-dood!
Another easy-going fella, "Ironman" chills out wherever he goes

"Superman" looks like he will be a light Café or Parchment when he grows up
"Captain America" is a favorite with kids
"Batman" likes to be cuddled
"Storm" is the spitting image of her Mama Grace
"Xena" is another smart and sweet girl!


Xena again!

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