Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alter Egos

Grace and Grady's pups are growing up fast and starting to take on the handsome features of their sire and dam. They hope that arch enemy Dr. Cos-NO does not recognize them in their alter ego personas!

After have been suspended in ice for a generation, "Steve Rogers" returns as...

..."Captain America!" (Off to Save The Day...)

Even Captain America needs a cuddle

"Bruce Wayne" is waiting for his butler to bring him his supper

"Iron Man" as his alter ego "Tony"

Iron Man is famous for his brilliant charisma and makes friends wherever he goes!

"Superman" hopes that his colleague Lois Labradoodle does not see through his mild-mannered disguise

("Xena" is down for half of the "Warrior Princess" role.)

Stand back! "Storm" is working on the Top Secret "El Nino" project

The Power of "Thor" is undeniable
("I'm BATMAN")

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