Sunday, October 18, 2015

Princess Kiwi's Autumn Harvest

Kiwi's pups are out enjoying our balmy Autumn weather...
"Kabocha" is a tubby lil "Punkin" for sure!

"Yuzu" is much sweeter than his citron-y namesake!

"Kinkan" the kutest little kumquat around!

"Tsuki" -- our little harvest moon-girl

"Mama! do you have to do that here?"

"So embarrassing!"

"Aki" ("Autumn") contemplates the sudden appearance of a something furry on the horizon

Seems harmless enough!

"Mama! No photobombing my glamour pics!'

Princess Kiwi is the soul of patience and calm

"Momiji"  (admiring the colors of Autumn) an important tradition in many cultures!

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  1. What beauties! My fingers are still crossed for one of your sweet pups