Saturday, January 5, 2013

Social Hour

We like the puppies to get around and visit other places in the house and yard as part of the socialization process.  They are usually a little cautious at first, but then seem to enjoy the adventure and the opportunities to meet others of course...

(Please click on the images to view them in larger format.)

"Hmmm...  Something looks different..."
."I see our favorite ball down there."
"You first."

"First one to the ball gets it!"
Busybody Clara gossips with Sugarplum
"Now what trouble can I brew...?"
Adventure can be exhausting!

5-month-old Bailey Mae wants to know what all the fuss is about 
"I am easily as cute as they are!"

Latke wants to join in

And tubby Matzoh Ball!

"Does anyone else think it is getting a little crowded around here?"
"Outta here!"
"More room for us."
Two of Bibi's pups
Chocolate or Vanilla?
"I am pretty sure I win on Cuteness Factor here."


(Befitting a daughter of Lily and Topper, Bailey Mae basks confidently in her aura of Cuteness)

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  1. Do all of Toppers pups have the "Topper look"? So adorable!

  2. Topper is quite the "prepotent" sire and his puppies do share a common look without a doubt.