Monday, December 31, 2012

Double Date

Latke and Matzoh Ball are invited over to the Sweeties' place for a little holiday nosh! Pureed kibble with goat's milk and probiotics. YUM! Still, the reaction to the menu was about as luke-warm as the puppy-mush... Eventually, they will LOVE it...!

Everyone is a little suspicious
At first, puppies always try to suck on the edge of the plates, rather than stick their muzzles right into the mush.

But eventually they figure out  a better strategy.

Latke is not convinced.
"I'll just wait here for Mama to pick me up."
But Mama Bibi is obligingly taking care of clean-up for the whole crew!
"Hey! This is MY Mama!"
Hoping it gets better...

"Let me help you with that blob on your nose!"
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