Monday, December 31, 2012

Satori's Winter Blessings

Satori's pups were born just in time to greet the incoming Winter Solstice (also propitiously avoiding the Mayan Apocalypse!) The pups are spending their first days sleeping, eating, and, when they are not snuggled up next to Mama, they are staying warm on a fleece-covered heating pad. They are vigorous and noisy when it's time for their meals, squeaking and grunting,and squirming across the box to find mama, who is justifiably proud of her little beauties:  "Winter", "Cheer", "Blessing", "Peace" and "Grace"!

Satori is a devoted mother who rarely leaves her pups even for a few moments...
...and the pups are well-fed!

Tubby tummies!
Sometimes the pups fall fast asleep latched on to mama but still suckle in their sleep. 

Nothing like a post-prandial snooze!

Little Grace

"Just a quick top-up!"
"Ahhhhhhh....Happy Puppies!"

The pups work hard at getting more breakfast from poor Mama....

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