Friday, December 7, 2012

The Nutcracker Sweeties: Lessons To Live By...

"Day Two" saw a consolidation of the lessons the puppies learned on "Day One"...

Lesson 1:  Keep Track of Mom at All Costs
Even though their eyes are not yet open, or their ears unsealed, the babies seek out their Mama all over their box, calling with 
loud and plaintive squeaking

Lesson 2: Sleeping is Good
At least 20 hours a day is a good start

Lesson 3:  It's Not Always Better to Be At the Top of the Pack Order 
It's much warmer at the bottom!

Lesson 4: Siblings Are Not a Source of Nourishment
(They do have other uses however)

                                                                                              Lesson 5: Did We Mention The Importance of Sleep?
Might as well make good use of our time while Mama is "out"

Lesson 6:  Do Not Get Separated From the Pack
Remaining in physical contact with the "Puppy Pile" at all times is a prudent strategy

Lesson 7:  Furry Surfaces Often Contain Milk

"It must be in here somewhere" 

1 comment:

  1. Topper especially appreciates the wisdom of Lessons 6 and 7!

    - Elizabeth (on behalf of Topper, who is not allowed to use the laptop)