Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hallow-oodles on Parade!

The Amazing Charlie as his his full Samurai alter-ego
(Excuse me Charlie, but your Katana is showing!)
Bibi and Apollo (aka "Roscoe")

Lola always attracts birds-of-a-feather!

Be careful who you party with on Halloween!
Little "Rachel" (last of the "Heroes" litter from Topper and Lily) is searching high and low for her "Forever Family"

"But I really liked the look of that one!"
The original "Amazadoodle" and the Doodle Whisperer! The real Dynamic Duo!
Gracie doodle at 9 months! (A Stunner from Rutlands Baby Joey and Satori!)

Well Australian Labradoodles ARE pretty amazing!

Searching for my family has been a little exhausting...
On the other hand, any excuse for a doodle-snooze!
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