Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Dawning of The Age of... Asparagus

"Summer of Love"  pup "Flower Power" is a great lover of all things vegetable! Here she is coaching her little pals the Cocoa-Pups on correct technique for stalking and capturing the elusive Brussel sprout...
The pack has picked up the scent of the wild broccoli which is easily tracked by it's fresh crispy musk...

However, one must approach the skittish Brussel sprout with caution, always taking care to remain upwind.

Cocoa-Bella has easily subdued the broccoli in its lair.

Tossing the prey several times in the air is a good way to ensure that it is actually dead.

Flower has a rapt audience who learn quickly!

Of course little Flower comes by her talents honestly...

...Mama Satori is herself Mistress of Carrot Catching!

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