Friday, November 8, 2013

Chanel's Babies at Five Days...

Our little babies are growing fast thanks to the dedicated care of first-time mama Chanel. We actually have to peel Chanel off of her little puppy nest (on a leash!) just to go outside, as she takes her mothering business very seriously!

At only a few days old, the puppies spend hours just sleeping and scooting themselves around their box looking for Mama and a meal, or else for a warm spot next to a furry sibling or in the fleece under the heat lamp. 
Quiet puppies = Happy puppies!

(But who really knows why puppies "smile"?)

Little "Gatsby" dreams happy puppy dreams

"Jellyroll" and "Jazz" relax under the lamp, while "Dollface" stretches her little gams

"Gold-digger" whispers secrets to "Moonshine"

"Charleston": "Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep...It's a tough life!"

Chanel is amazed by and proud of her handiwork.

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