Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cocoa-Puff's Cocoa-Pups: Looking For Action

The Cocoa-Pups are settling in to their spacious and sunny new accommodations, but they are still not inclined to venture too far from their little nest...unless it means that they might be able to reach Mama for a quick snack!

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Cocoa-Bella, Cocoa-Kisses, & Cocoa-Baby like to stay snuggled down in their bed

...Except for a few adventurous forays a few inches outside of the nest to play!

Cocoa-Bella: "Hey!  I was taking a "post-nap nap!"

There are quite a few exciting novelties to discover in the CocoaApartment!
Like neighbor "Flower" who occupies the duplex next door!

"Welcome to the neighborhood!"

Little Cocoa-Blossom has figured out that if she waits long enough in Mama's "private" bed, she will get a feeding all to herself.

Now Cocoa-Bear has figured it out! There goes Mama's peaceful sanctuary....

"Well it was just a matter of time..."

(Caveat Emptor:  Australian Labradoodles can be quite opportunistic!)



Sometimes it can be a long wait until she gets back!

"Ha! (Fort CocoaPuff!)"

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