Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Luna's Puppies: Peace and Freedom in Pup-topia

Luna and Blitz's pups continue to live a peaceful and free existence, in a utopian collectivist puppy-dom, benevolently managed by mama Luna and her henchpersons, who spread the love freely among the little "Revo-Luna-tionaries:  "Nelson" (Mandela)", "Malala", "Emmeline" (Pankhurst)", "Harvey" (Milk), and "Liliuokalani" aka "Lili", and "Harriet" (Tubman).

Luna's Guardian family are expert puppy-handlers and help give the puppies their vitamins

Luna is encouraging her pups to eat solid food now

...And she takes a lot of trouble to clean up their messy faces when they are done!
Clean faces before nap!

Luna loves her puppies so much

But they are a lot of work!

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