Monday, March 7, 2016

Luna & Blitz's Furbabies On The Loose (Availabiility In This Litter)

At just 6 weeks of age, the puppies are starting to become more independent and to enjoy socializing with friends and family who stop by to visit.  They are much more active and run up and down the drag racing track of the adjoining kitchen/laundry room/bathroom.

"Is it Breakfast yet?"

Our policy is to be conservative about taking too many reservations in litters to optimize the "match-up" and we only accepted 4 reservations initially, but one family moved to a Guardian Family situation. We are now accepting 2 more confirmed reservations for one of the caramel-cream puppies from this litter.

While it is too early yet to make any assessments in terms of temperaments, we conduct  a formal evaluation at 7 weeks, the results of which we communicate to families with a puppy reservation. We place puppies primarily on suitability of temperament, but try our hardest to satisfy families' preferences, in order of original application date, for color, size, and gender. There are 6 pups--2 boys and 4 girls (2 chocolate girls; caramel-cream male and female; cream male and female). We expect the puppies to average about 40-50 lbs., though males can sometimes be larger.  The scheduled Go-Home date for the pups is March 18th-23rd.  Our application can be found on our website under "Buying a Puppy". As always, you are welcome to call.

Apologies again if you tried to contact me between December 20th-January 31st when our computer crashed and we were working off of an old-model iPhone. I know there are quite a few emails that "disappeared" from my "unread" queue.

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