Friday, March 25, 2016

From "Blitz" & "Luna": Two Beautiful Puppies (NO LONGER) Available!

Nelson has gone home to his new family in San Francisco as of 3/31/31, AND... Emmeline was just too good to let go. We placed her in a Foster-Guardian home and will test her as a future breeding dog for Golden Gate Labradoodles!
Luna's pups are ready to get settled in their "Furever" homes. We have completed our temperament evaluations for the litter, and we have two puppies available to the right family "match":

This is "Nelson" and "Emmeline":


Nelson has a beautiful solid frame, with a broad Lab-by head, wide chest and big paws that hint of his future stature. We expect Nelson to mature to a size of about 45 lbs., give or take 5 lbs. Nelson is brave and independent and somewhat "analytical". He is excellent at entertaining himself, and so would be suitable for a family who are not necessarily around all the time,  but (due to his strong food motivation) he can also be very focused and attentive. He gets on well with other dogs and would be suitable for a "friend" doodle as well.


Emmeline is loving, affectionate, confident, and sociable. My son (who is pretty jaded about cute puppies) says she is the cutest puppy we have seen for several years! True, she has a lovely broad head, big luminous eyes and a soft wavy coat of ivory! She is the smallest in the litter and not likely to exceed 35-38 lbs. Emmy is lively, playful and energetic--suitable for a family pet with older children, or for adults.


Nelson on the left and Emmy on the top right
Emmy, Lili, & Nelson

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